365 Trees is an artistic action, performance in public space and photography.

365 Drzew

From 25 September 2009, for a whole year, every day I climbed a tree. In the course of 365 days, I conquered 365 trees. Most of them I climbed in my native Krakow and in the surrounding areas. Every day, I posted a ‘photo of Cecylia up a tree’ on Facebook. These received lively comment from an ever-increasing circle of friends.

My action had been inspired by my favourite book, Italo Calvino’s The Baron in the Trees. Cosimo, a twelve year old Italian baron, having had a row with his father, climbs a tree, intending never to come down again. The book is a fantastical and humorous tale of adventures taking place in the tree tops, full of unusual, sensual descriptions.

The result of the project are 365 color photos. And also an album released by the Bęc Zmiana foundation. I treat the photos that I have taken as my own images of which I am a fragment. Every day I search for a long time for the tree, the appropriate background and the context in which it is located. Then I selected clothes that became a color accent. While climbing trees, I experienced reality with all my senses, but the image I create often becomes very unreal. It is also important for me to experience the nature that I experience very intensively. Although I live in a big city, climbing a few meters up I move to another land.

The 365 trees project was completed at the Freedom Oak in Krakow's Planty. Attaining the tree was a performance, accompanied by a projection of all the photos showing the entire project. The audience, friends and random passers-by celebrated getting the last tree and persevering in such a difficult resolution, during the evening picnic at the Oak Tree. The 365 Trees project was continued by Christopher b. Gray, who decided that Cecilia's last tree would be his first, and who every day would also post a photo on the tree every day on FaceBook. The project was followed by another follower, which was Kamila Wajda. Kamila, inspired by Cecylia's project, also climbed one tree every day throughout the year and photographed herself on it.